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Traveling for business or pleasure entails varying degrees of packing clothing, toiletries, and frequently used electronic gadgets. In order to take the headache out of finding items and getting from one location to another, there are a number of gadgets, tech, and tips available that make the trip more enjoyable.

Google Maps

Following a map online commonly involves using precious WiFi allotment time on your smartphone or mobile device. Some might print maps at home in advance or use an atlas. However, you can now download the maps you need directly to your smart device to view while offline too.

Travel Documents

It is always handy to have copies of passports, driver’s licenses, insurance papers and other documents available when needed. Consider scanning them at home and sending them to yourself via email. Another option travelers might consider involves taking photographs of each document using a smartphone.

Charging Devices

If needing to charge more than one gadget, in addition to standard wall outlets, check the hotel TV for a USB port. In this way, you have the ability to recharge multiple items simultaneously. When wanting to charge your smartphone faster, put the device in airplane mode.

Personal Hotspot

The Skyroam is ideal for travelers. One device provides unlimited WiFi access wherever you go for a small fee. Simply press the start button to make the connection and get 24-hour access for up to five different mobile devices.

Portable Charger

A portable charger is nice to have in a vehicle, on a plane, or while staying at a remote location. When fully charged, the device holds enough power to charge a smartphone three times. It is also conveniently made with micro-USB connectors. In this way, you do not need a variety of charging cords.

Portable Reader

Many travelers enjoy reading while on a plane or during the evening in a hotel room to unwind. Instead of packing heavy books, newspapers or magazines, trying bringing a portable reader. You have the ability to download whatever type of reading material you prefer in one, sleek location.

Filmer’s Clip

Taking photographs and videos of your vacation or outing is more impressive using the Olliclip Filmer’s Kit. The device includes snap-on lenses for different effects and a pivotal grip that turns your smartphone into a video camera.