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Spring Break is one of the best times to get away from everyday life. Not only is there no school, there are many other college students who will also be traveling at the same time. Some places will be difficult to reach and explore in the seven or nine days that most people have available. However, a trip to many great locales is not out of the question. Here are some great places to travel during the week of Spring Break.


Unlike Canada, which is still pretty cold in March or April, Mexico is in close proximity to the US. It’s also pretty warm and a pretty affordable trip from many US cities. From the beautiful beaches in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta to the history and culture of Mexico City, there are many options that travelers can enjoy.


While it’s not in Europe or the Caribbean, now is a great time to visit Egypt. Sure, there was a pretty dangerous coup a few years ago, but the country has restored order in the intervening years. Safety has improved, but prices have not increased in accordance with the improvement in security. This means that there are bargains to be had in the land of the Great Pyramid of Khufu.


Many American put London or Paris at the top of their European bucket lists. There are other options that are just as impressive. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and it’s a beautiful city. It’s also pretty affordable when compared with London, Paris or Oslo. The weather is generally comfortable in Lisbon, and the views of the city are quite stunning. Few will regret their trip.

Caribbean Cruise

While it might not be as cheap during Spring Break as it would be at other times of the year, a cruise of the Caribbean can also be a great option for the break. Food and lodging is taken care of. Shore excursions are optional. So are tours. This means that travelers are largely in charge of their expenses after they come aboard. Alcoholic beverages are not included and can wind up costing quite a bit so it’s a good idea to remember this before running up a huge bill.

There are many great places to travel during Spring Break. Many people will have trouble choosing the best option. Budgets and interests will come into play when making a decision, but there is no need to stay home and vegetate in front of the TV when there’s a big world to explore.