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Stockholm is famous for its beauty and nature connectedness. It is referred to as The Open City because it is welcoming. Trendy shops can be found near the Kungsträdgården and Sergels torg. When you want to relax, head to Södermalm. Kungsträdgården and the Royal Palace are historically valuable. Below are five interesting sights in Stockholm.

Gustav Adolfs Torg

Gustav Adolf Torg is home to the Royal Swedish Opera House, which is the local for ballet and opera. Events have been held at the opera since January 18, 1773.

Ivar Los Park

Ivar Los Park is located in Södermalm borough’s northern shore. The City Hall can be seen from this park. Ivar Los Park is kid-friendly since it has a playground with old-fashioned houses and wooden farm animals. The park is also a perfect place for a picnic.


In the summer, Kungsträdgården hosts outdoor concerts. The park offers an ice rink during the winter. Most people visit the park in the spring to see the 63 cherry blossom trees flower. The Putte i Parken festival and Halloween Parade are held at Kungsträdgården.

From 1643 to 1825, Kungsträdgården was a royal property. It became a public park in 1875.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is also known as the Stockholm Palace. It is in the old town of Stockholm. Besides being the residence of the Swedish monarch, the palace is also a 200-employee workplace.

The palace houses the following museums: Livrustkammaren, Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, Skattkammaren, and Museum Tre Kronor. There is an archive at the palace’s Chancery Wing. The Bernadotte Biblioteket is located in the palace’s northeast wing.

Visitors can buy gifts or souvenirs from the Royal Gift Shop. On a yearly basis, about 800,000 people see the changing of the Royal Guards ceremony at the palace’s Outer Courtyard.

Sergels Torg

Sergels Torg is Stockholm’s town square. Johan Tobias Sergels is the namesake of the square. Sergels Torg is the top spot for meeting friends in Stockholm. This plaza has a ground with a triangular pattern, and is surrounded by the Kulturhuset.

If you get hungry after visiting these attractions or swimming in Stockholm’s clean waters, you can pick one of the various restaurants in Stockholm.