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Are you planning a trip to Europe? Here are some excellent ideas, especially if you’d like to stay away from crowds. South West England, Western Ireland, Southern Spain, Southwestern Germany, and Southern France should all be on your bucket list. Other possibilities are: Slovenia, Frankfort, Puglia, the Baltic States, and Malta.


Only about a two hour train ride from London is England’s south west peninsula. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see all the castles near Cornwall, Dorset, and Devin, with spectacular beaches, national parks, and world heritage sites.


West of Dublin along the coastline is a beautiful area with some of Ireland’s most charming villages and scenic drives. Why not visit the music capital of Doolin?


Along Spain’s southern border is the Extremadura Region. It’s filled with amazing history and delicious cuisine. Trujillo has some fantastic places to visit and Monfrague National Park is well-known for bird watching.


Located in Germany’s southwest region is Stuttgart, a city that has become famous for Oktoberfest. It’s also the headquarters for Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Fifteen of its restaurants are Michelin-starred.


The region of Languedoc-Rousillon is where you’ll find France’s largest wine producing area. Not only will you encounter magnificent vineyards, but you’ll also be able to tour some olive oil factories.


Only two hours from Venice, Vipava Valley is one of the most beloved places to visit in Europe. The area is rich in history, wine, boutiques, and scenic drives that are absolutely breathtaking.


With the re-building of Frankfort from being destroyed in World War II, it’s become an important part of Germany’s reconstruction. The Old Town has some very unique shops, restaurants, and museums that are well worth your visit.


Located in Italy’s heel, this area isn’t overrun with tourists, yet it has all the flavors you’d expect to find. The Mediterranean views, cuisine, and ancient cities are all here awaiting your visit.

Baltic States

Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia are all rich in history and culture. The castles and gardens in this area are spectacular!


Since this island isn’t easy to get to, it’s exactly why you need to go. Valletta was named Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2018.