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Retirement is something that many Americans look forward to all their working lives. Retirees face many varied options when it comes to deciding where to live. Some might wish to stay in their existing communities. Another option many people consider is retirement in another country.

Retiring abroad has many advantages. In many countries, the dollar goes much further. Housing is cheaper and so are the taxes. A foreign country may also have access to lots of wonderful regional amenities such as beaches, national parks, and lively cities. In many instances food and housing costs are considerably cheaper, making it easy to welcome grandchildren with a place of their own.


Located in the hear of south Asia, Cambodia is a nation rich in culture and natural resources. It’s also a bargain compared to many other nearby destinations. While it’s a long way from home, the centralized country makes it easy to explore the entire region with ease using many local, inexpensive transport networks. The capital city is a favorite for ex-pats around the world. Those who want to retire here on a budget can find one bedrooms for rent for under three hundred a month.

Costa Rica

Beautiful Costa Rica is where North America meets South America. It’s a haven for people who love nature with hundreds of mammals, insects, and birds everywhere people look. It topped International Living’s useful annual Global Retirement Index as the best place for Americans to retire. The Central Valley offers an inexpensive location with lots of stores and nightlife. When not shopping or enjoying one of the nation’s many public parks, retirees can take advantage of the miles of nearby beaches with coasts on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


Vibrant Portugal is one of Europe’s least known countries. This part of the Iberian Peninsula and considered the best place to retire in Western Europe for people who searching for something that fits well into any budget. People who love beaches should head right here. There are over a thousand miles of beaches that get plenty of sunshine all year long. Portuguese cultural attractions dot the interior and invite an exploration of the region’s history while the area’s delicious cuisine is easy on the stomach.