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Jim Eischens

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Jim Eischens has a passion for traveling and immersing himself in the diverse cultures and countries around the globe. He relishes the opportunity to explore both domestically and internationally, as it presents the unique opportunity to expose yourself to the wide variety of life perspectives, religions, and cultures that exist throughout the world. He has become enthralled with the benefits that come from exposing yourself to new people and places.

Growing up, Jim Eischens was fortunate to travel extensively through the youth organizations and school-based leadership groups that he was involved with. Through those opportunities, he could grow and learn a great deal about the world around him. These experiences at an early age provided Jim Eischens with an opportunity to appreciate the cultural landscape that has surrounded him his entire life.

Nowadays, Jim Eischens aims to travel as much as possible, making each trip as much of an experience and adventure as possible. For Jim, travel has been great for the escapism from daily life, and offers an opportunity to get a taste of different cultures in their natural form.

Throughout his travels, Jim Eischens has developed a passion for cultural cuisine and relishes the opportunity to sample local foods. As a real estate professional, Eischens enjoys exploring cities for their architecture. Being a builder himself, architecture is always something that remains a point of emphasis during his travels. Eischens is also a history buff, which serves as a driving force behind his desire to learn as much about the cities he visits before arrival.

Some of his favorite areas can be found right at home in the United States, including Austin, Texas, Florida, California, Colorado, Hawaii, the Black Hills of South Dakota, and the Apostle Islands of Wisconsin. Internationally, Eischens has become particularly fond of Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mayan Riviera, Turkey, Spain, among other places.

His drive for new experiences only grows after each trip, and Jim Eischens shows no signs of slowing down. Soon, he has his sights set on visiting South American, Western European, and Eastern European cities.

Professional Background:

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jim Eischens is an accomplished real estate professional with over two decades of experience in property management and business development. His diverse portfolio includes single family homes, multifamily apartment buildings, hotels, charters schools, office complexes, and a resort business. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of his portfolio of management companies.